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Solving all of your wildlife conflicts!
  • Wildlife Control
  • Wildlife can make their way into residential, commercial and industrial locations. Many times, regardless if the animal is big or small, home owners or business owners may make the wrong decisions as how to handle their issue. Wildlife conflicts are not meant for inexperienced individuals, so if you have a problem, call us today!
  • Nuisance Trapping & Animal Removal
  • We can capture your critters and larger animals in a safe and effective way. Our removal process is both safe and humane. We are professional and courteous and will have your problem solved before you know it.
  • Bird and Bat Control
  • Birds and bats are typically found in the attics of homes or in the high areas in commercial and industrial locations. They can be extremely difficult to catch so your best bet is to get a professional to handle that situation.
  • Entry Point Repairs
  • Many animals will cause damage to roofing or siding or any avenue they use to get into your home or business. Smith Nuisance Wildlife Service will repair that entry point damage to keep your property looking good and keep the animals out!
  • Attic Cleanouts
  • Animals taking refuge in your attic can be a big problem while they are there, and a big problem after they are gone! Waste and other leavings can make this area dangerous even after the animal problem is solved. Ask about our attic cleanout service when you call to schedule your animal removal.
  • Noises in Walls or Attic
  • Noises in walls or attic can be caused by a variety of issues. These noises can be caused by anything from a raccoon to a mouse. They can be incredibly difficult to remove. Professional services are often required to ensure proper and complete removal of these pests.
  • Preventative Measures
  • The importance of preventative measures cannot be denied. Once an animal is removed from the location it is critical to take preventative measures to ensure that the animal(s) will not return.
  • Emergency Services
  • We receives calls all throughout the day and night for emergency situations. Please call us anytime and we will work to ensure your animal problem is dealt with in a professional and timely manner.
Safe Removal of:
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Bats
  • Skunks
  • Snakes
  • Groundhogs
  • Beavers
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • and more
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